Content Development

When "multimedia" revolutionized computer based communications, one had to be adept at planning, sourcing, organizing, processing a variety of content elements to program an interactive presentation or digital video.  Computer based Training (CBT) made use of both art forms and more as it evolved into Web Based Training (WBT), eLearning and now mobile learning.  Fundamentals of content development remain near the same, multi-element awareness, planning, preparation and accountability.

Content Development Integration
Affordable technologies and practices as available today enable convenient and custom:  
1. High-end media production support
2. Self-produced media
3. Convenient media editing 
4. Photography and imaging 
5. Development documents as design docs, content maps, outlines, scripts, storyboards, etc. 
6. Training & Development (T&D) / Instructional Design (ISD) content development review and markups, 
7. Integrated planning / design / development of action maps and content maps useful for project management..

We show you how its done and/or assist to; define / source / edit / present your instructional media. 

PCs and Laptops as Mobile Offices and Production Studios 
Computers can be easily setup to engage in remote support and virtual assistance for Training & Development (T&D) and Instructional Design (ISD).  We can provide: creative input, design and development support for general information solutions, mixed-media presentations, technical documents, spreadsheet models, data and knowledge-bases, video editing and imaging, Web Based Training (WBT) and interactive programming, recorded Subject Matter Expert (SME) conferencing, content development, and other tasks.