Conscientious Capitalism
After many years of computer creativity as a practical art form, I started to focus on philanthropic questions given observations of our times.  Is it possible to create a central database that flexibly allows users to provide and receive based on match to need?  For example: 
    - A child could use some support to negotiate and achieve at a next level 
    Abandoned animals need fostered as shelters are full or stressed  
    - A home-bound senior citizen would like to learn to use a PC 
    - Another now alone could benefit from a day adventure.

Information or support facilitated by the site may momentarily improve a quality of life, relieve a bit of stress, and leave a sense of good and accomplishment for participants.

The use of a central database can provide for flexible, convertible donations to sponsor in part or whole a micro-outing, a care event, a funded small solution.  The database website could be where to read Good News of productive contacts and outcomes - a small antidote to perpetual bad news in common media. 

This concept model had been partially defined and a draft is available for review (see below).  As an alternate, a no-effort feature built into a cloud-based service group exists through this website.

Doing some good in small ways by (you) doing nothing    
At least half-aware by nature of a sense inter-connectedness, essential for productive collaborations, I have at times micro-attempted to alleviate some ills inflicting life.  After observation I concluded that unless such concern is more seamlessly a part of my daily life, a change from limited effort and impact is unlikely.  This website supports the change by integrating into source-of-service a micro-philanthropic effort or form of "conscientious capitalism".
If services are acquired in a fee based contractual arrangement, 5% above a $200 minimum will be donated to help an issue or a cause of choice.  It is an alternative to a tax deductible 503c registered non-profit in that payment for service "includes" a portion already targeted for donation.  You have no obligation - just simply a choice if interested to pick from a list (see below) as to generally where and what for.  

If there is something of particular interest you can choose to match or exceed the 5% at any time.  You will know what it is applied to with recipient verified acknowledgement.

For extended work arrangements an option will exist to personalize a donation application within an area of choice. As a consequence of nothing more than a simple choice of interest, those collaborating on a work arranged through this site should feel a little better knowing someone or something is benefiting from activities engaged just by literally doing next-to-nothing aside the work.

A Community Philanthropy Model 
The mini-philanthropic model would use a web database to allow participants to register by name or anonymous as donors and/or recipients where one can...
  • Select an area of interest to sponsor in whole or part an activity as taking a senior citizen out for an afternoon or helping a disadvantaged neighbor with spring cleaning, home repair or yard work.  
  • Register for donation of time, funds, expertise, service, or goods.  
  • Monitor and mange the website periodically for zip-code and interest matches
  • Read "Good News" as a follow-up about what occurred as a result of individually sponsored or pooled donations applied to a donated event, activity or gift
  • Read of a business sponsorship component providing storied advertising and alert to participation.  
I stopped working on this following concerns about liability.  I was advised to provide just information therefore limit any liability if something went wrong during a sponsored event.  Though only information can be provided, a possibility of a sponsored events mishap left an open concern. 

You are invited to download the concept model document for review as left at its last draft state.  Consider it material to build up or use as reference to create a variation or seek support to establish it.

Download file:

List of interests to pick from for in-service micro-philanthropy or as arranged by phone.

A. 1.People, 2. Domesticated animals, 3. Wildlife, 4. Environment  
1. Special needs/disadvantaged: Elderly, Adults, Children 
2. Care for abused/abandoned animals
3. Care to prevent poaching, habitat preservation
4. Conservancy, Preservation efforts

1. Global, 2. National, 3. Regional, 4. Local

1. Small donations pooled over time to $50.00 for effective benefit 
2. Individual exclusive contribution for personalized application (via extended arrangement) 

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