Practiced values applied within such an arrangement are:
  • Listen intently, talk meaningfully 
  • Creatively show if verbal is insufficient 
  • Orient joint work to be enjoyed as productive fun
  • Collaborate to evolve effective personalized solutions 
  • Sustain focus and dedication as project outcomes will reflect it
  • Ease work flow to acquire content & express thoughts / concerns / status
  • Jointly choose a hi-medium-low balance for project activity: time-quality-cost 
  • Creativity, knowledge, stories & legacies are created, collected, presented, saved
  • Enable remote means for client and stakeholders input in and during development 
  • Enable a means to validate expectations and assumptions before starting a project
  • Make clear potential as well as limitation of ideas, inputs, delays, requests, and changes
  • Expedite content flow from source to simulated finished state to rapid-preview final product
  • Acknowledge work as a collaborative blend of thought and effort to be appreciated and useful 
  • Match or incorporate a donation from the work as to benefit client choice of interest and location.
Flexibility, predictable, reliant, cost-efficient, and productivity are values applied in service.

A body of work having served others has led to capabilities to work in "The Cloud" (in tech terms).  Together with clients and/or employers, internal and external project associates and support resources, numerous and various projects were done.  Along the way issues were identified, addressed and solved related to T&D /.ISD as: 
  • Training and performance support subject and media type identification 
  • Training document design and development with information mapping
  • New and edited graphics and photos for use in e-Learning
  • Programming of courseware with tests and assessments
  • Programming of reference guides, media enriched technical manuals, and job aids 
  • Development of mixed-media (print and digital interactive) presentations 
  • Capture and production of work process documentation by photography and video
  • Knowledge capture, process and display via online interactive solution such as simulations
  • ROI assessments of curriculum and course training content 

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