What Is this about?
In brief, this website presents a means for personalized research & development (R&D) in: 
1. Collaborations to create industry and workplace training and skills development.  
2. Content production for informational presentations, video, interactive media and print.
3. Creative consulting as helpful to advance artistic projects or instructional applications.  
5. Cloud-based assistance for approachable works of involving research, writing and content development for varied interests.  (See Application Examples for a range of past remote, offsite and onsite applications). 

I enjoy hearing about the interests people have and where useful I provide no cost advise and/or objective assessment of what can be potentially done to advance that interests.  This begins with a contact form to enter a brief amount of information. Allow about 24 hours for a collaboration response by email or contact content map

What are the strengths and limitations of this model?
Strengths - You are able to access experienced, accomplished professionals practiced at collaborating with others to move imaginative thought to finished realities.  Cloud based assistance can save time and travel expenses while sharing capabilities and resources.

Limitations - Depending on who you collaborate with, an arrangement is dependent on availability. A vast amount of work can be accomplished "in the cloud".  On occasion travel to physically interact may be preferential. This can be prearranged based on foreseen need.