Artistic & Practical

Artistic Creativity
An expression channeled to a variety of means and mediums as: 
  • Writing or literature of scholarship, fiction or non-fiction.  
  • Visual Arts as video, film, illustration, modeling, painting, or craft.  
  • Performing Arts as music, dance, theater, stage, etc
Expressive forms a influenced by culture and personal influence and talent.  Note this is an attempt with words to convey creative expression distinct from practical creativity below.  This image is a bit dated but relevant.   

Practical Creativity 
  • Enhancing a capability or established process with an inspired or studied improvement.  
  • Adding to a product or procedure in ways to reduce its cost or increase its performance.  
  • Providing a concept, thought, idea or means of improvement leading to beneficial outcome(s).
An expression channeled primarily to a productive purpose as situational solutions or innovation.  Pragmatic creativity references abstract reasoning as an inter-woven application of intuition and logic inspired independently or collaboratively.  When present it can flexibly focus on and adapt diverse activities.

As a consequence of purposeful focus, both application types provide innovation and advancement. This website offers a resource to apply both productively relevant as would help advance your interests.