Cloud-based Work Practices

Post-Industrial Information and Knowledge Work Practices
Mobile offices and work spaces linked by wireless networks are the workplaces and connecting halls or our time.  As digital office suites on PCs mostly replaced typewriters, "the cloud" now replaces for many physical spaces.  Desktops and tablets do not mean what they once did.  Websites, videos, multimedia presentations, publications, and documents for information, training and instruction are typically prepared, shared, and displayed digitally.    

Working from home on digital productions and of certain activities for some is more productive then "at work"!  It may be that a sustained focus for extended periods is a luxury not always afforded at a work site.

Return on Investment (ROI) 
Cloud and remote work practices are realized in a multiple of ways not always easy to quantify. A few are: 
- Broadly and flexibly access and use experienced talent and tools
- Reduce or eliminate fixed physical location dependencies and other logistics savings 
- Eliminate time, stress, personal expense, and environmental costs of daily commutes 
- Depending on distance between remote collaborators, benefiting from time zone variances 
- Increased project and results focus by the serious-minded due to less workplace distractions  
- Record remote meetings and knowledge capture sessions for later content development reference
- And more returns appreciated as specific to the interests of cloud work practitioners and benefactors.

Risks of Use 
Mature work attitude, sustained focus, and sense of team and self responsibility are essential to maintain quality and throughput of production.  Lacking any as in physical work environment will diminish cloud work practice ROI. 

Project management, budgeting and statusing...
Cloud-based project management exists plus I have researched and applied tools to integrate project; scope, planning, development, and status.  T&D / ISD tasks involving content: Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (P-ADDIE) are consolidated in a structured content data map or "C-Map".  This one data model offers role-specific views for use by Training Developers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Instructional Designers (ISD), Media Specialists, Programmers, Project support roles, Instructors and Project management. 
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) virtual meetings and session recordings knowledge transfers  
  • Research and development for content and execution of various ISD P-ADDIE task phases  
  • Text / media content development - defined, produced, updated, reviewed and edited 
  • and much more is conveyed by online view of a content data map or C-Map.

Evolution of the work space
Dial-up > telecommute > mobile office > community of practice > remote support > virtual assistance > the cloud.  

This above sequence reflects technical updates leading to a current era when broadband and wireless is a networking norm.  Web services and/or software by purchase contract or subscription is powerful and affordable.  As a consequence some old work models are changing.

Learning to Work in the Cloud
Note by Site Author:  Twenty years ago this was the promise BUT result was a vast expansion of paper instead.  It has taken new levels of technology and expanded broadband infrastructure to support actualizing such a vision.

Note by Site Author:  By contrast to this model my emphasis is on application depth and quality personalized to the client for works of practical-minded technical and artistic creativity.  In addition, support or production for knowledge documents, instructional media, Training & Development (T&D) and Instructional Design (ISD). It is a boutique sized craftsman/women model.  

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