Remote / Virtual Assist / Cloud Studio Work Space - Setup, Support or Assist  
Applications for Creative Works, Training & Informational Presentations 

Click image to enter public cloud workshop at no cost at any time

Training & Development (T&D) / Instructional Design (ISD) / Creative Support 
Support for Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT)
Service Fee - Negotiable rate - Time / Application arranged - Rates vary from $27-$35 an hour plus expenses depending on length of time onsite and/or remote arrangements.

Business Development Participation

A - Project Assistance & Support
Have specialty skill(s) that can contribute to a project?  Represent this resource and contact me and describe an interest.  We will discuss how we may work together.  

B - Agent Finders Fee 
Not for you but know someone or an organization that may benefit?  I appreciate the interest to send or pass-on a link to website.  Contact me to let me know of your activity and to whom or where sent.  I look forward to a discussion of how I can return something for the effort.