Actual Applications


Example of artistic and practical creativity combined 
Click image of Alamo Square in San Francisco to enlarge as of a view where I once stood.  Click here for a photo or virtual walk in the park.  On the opened page click photos or drag small orange person icon at lower right to park site then drag that to a "walk" direction.  Note classic "Painted Ladies" of the colorist movement.

When living in San Francisco I asked an Alamo Square resident who a home's color designer was?  The answer, "Van Voorhis", seemed fitting (Van Gogh).  They discouraged publicity I was told.  I respectfully studied that and similar work.  Above photograph captures a sense of being there when highlighting works of architects, builders and craftsmen before me painting a colorist's vision on the canvases of their well-crafted homes.

I was fortunate to meet with and collaborate on projects with Butch Kardum (2010 Oak St.) and Jazon Wonders (Diamond St. in Castro), charter members of the colorists movement.  Occasionally Jazon shouted helpful critiques of my work from his vehicle.  The largest building I worked in Haight Ashbury was of Mr. Kardum's design.  I appreciated his ease of presence and knew of his work and fine artistry but then unknowing he was a colorist originator. Tony Cataletich was another with a fine eye.  Bob Buckter & Friends served as my "fine art" standard. All led as true environmental artists elevating color designing to national exposure and credibility.

My design applications
Near Alamo Square I had an outdoor gallery shown in part in this photo of Duboce Park.  The yellow/cream home and blue/white homes opposite at main entrance are of 5 park-side designs.  Location is of "pooper scooper" scene in the film "The Times of Harvey Milk" - the yellow corner home as backdrop.  The color-blind owner (not told that till after work was done) appreciated hearing of my color design based off a magnolia tree in blossom along his home (no longer in photo).  Over 30 years after both color styles were repainted near as applied.  Nearby is an eighteen color (credit to my associate Richard Murphy) Eastlake Stick Style Victorian next to "Harvey Milk Center for the Arts" photographed 5 years after finishing.

This art and craft impacts the environment and neighborhood with elevated aesthetic, emotional and financial value.  I color designed in various states over the years.  Click here or photo at left to view a few samples.  The art involves inter-weaving multiple concerns to achieve a long-term satisfying color design and provided unique lessons in client collaborations for profession of software design and Training & Development (T&D) / Instructional Design (ISD or ID).  Application examples list a history and show some of these efforts.

Thought to include following as examples of high-order architecture and color designing.  

Changing from painting buildings to PC screens
Creatively I transitioned painting color solutions on buildings to painting technical solutions on PC screens. Some dynamics transitioned well as a collaborative mind-set such as analysis and creative thinking for client-relevant purposeful technical and info-solutions. Situations were as canvases to work with in my professional roles of: