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Hello - Thanks for viewing, my name is Chris... 

(Resume as text or with visual galleries can be downloaded at page end)


As a culmination of professional experience collaborating with clients, employers, and associates over several professions (see below) - this website was built to provide you an orientation to my services that in part can be sampled in a "cloud-based workshopexperience.

An interest you describe in a workshop form, call or email will be responded to with comment and/or advisory after a considered time.  Feel free to convey practical, artistic, or informational concerns as related to a profession, creative arts project, Training & Development (T&D) or Instructional Design (ISD) initiative. 

Fruits of Creative Collaborations

A collaborative process refined over years of practice underpins a results focused service.of achieving near-to-long term Return on Investment (ROI) benefits for clients.  Applications of practical-minded creativity can tangibly help advance diverse personal, professional and organizational interests.  (See Application Examples)  

A core activity to the process is a contact, call, or exchange comments as in  "cloud-based workshop" form. I or we provide an open listening mind with potentially fresh insight for ideas that may lead to ingeniously crafted solutions that suit a situation and need

We assist or enable T&D / ISD activities as curriculum - course - content analysis, design / develop / program e-Learning / Web Based Training (WBT) and blended learning solutions, knowledge-bases / performance support and job aids. Virtual assisted and onsite support can be tailored to suit your interests.

Over time a "body of work" has been crafted...

as a Training Development (T&D) Solutions Specialist and Instructional Designer (ISD) I merged the art and technology to ease and expedite T&D / ISD functions.  Results help define and acquire measurable near and long term ROI benefits benefiting both suppliers and clients.  Applications often supported or enabled effective remote collaborations that produced training and job aids without need for collaborators to share same space and time. 

as a PC Applications Designer / Developer it was essential to intellectually collaborate with employers, clients, staff and contractors to conceptualize and artfully craft software solutions leading to client-relevant applications and process advancements.  ROI typically created new revenue or saved costs by elevating info-handling and processing capabilities.  Applications often enabled or eased transition from manual to digital workflow practices.  Sometimes acquired was a competitive edge that replaced a previously known competitive shortcoming. 

as a Visual Artist artistically collaborating with property owners to help elevate the ROI of public and private owned architecture through the art of color design and craft of restoration painting.  Most applications not only achieved aesthetic and financial results envisioned but returned a surprising degree of attention in local and national media as highlighted in this book series. Lessons over many client collaborations migrated to software applications design and e-Learning media and content development skills. 

Click to see examples

Over the years I have worked with others who stood out for their humanity, abilities and talent.  If not for them and our collaborative experience much of my work could not be shown or written about.  I am grateful for their part in my professional life.  Some of them are presented in Resources.  I attempt to encapsulate their unique skills & experience as may be available to you for advisories, consulting or personal services via associated links.

Below summarizes the site author's current (5) to early (1) work activities, influences and results.  

5 - Cloud-functional Creativity, Instructional Design (ISD), and Training & Development (T&D) Support
for personal, professional and organizational interests.


Current expression of creative service has evolved into a low maintenance remote collaboration mode.  With a broad-band internet connection and common software the means exists to achieve productivity as follows: 

A significant amount of work has been done creating Web Based Training (WBT) on electrical safety for employees of several corporations.  In addition upgrades of career technical training assessment documentation called blueprints, teacher and student guides.  Addressed were over one hundred (100) career paths or blueprints in sixteen (16) career clusters involving over six thousand (7,000) performance objectives and task competencies, and over 1000 graphics.  A pilot project of programming 30 graphical interactive tests to replace text based multiple choice had also been done.


Client ROI benefits gained from remote support arrangements included lowered risks of insured liability due to updated worker electrical safety training.  Workplace safety knowledge and assessments can reduce risks for accident and injury potential and related loss time and productivity costs.  

The career documentation upgrades helped NOCTI achieve increased competitiveness with peers having products similar career assessment products.  The pilot programmed interactive tests served as a transition bridge between long established conventional test models to variations of graphical multiple-choice models more in line with current trends of rich visualizations.


All work aside from onsite photography and video (planned remotely) had been done by cloud / virtual assist arrangement.


4 - Training Development (T&D) & Solutions Specialist
for Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Training concerns.

With experience in content development, informational presentation and multimedia skills; I was offered a position to work as a contractor assisting professionals in a Tier 1 Training & Development firm.  The tasks mainly involved assisting in business development and designing / developing computer and web based training (CBT / WBT) training solutions. This location mainly serviced the largest corporation and auto producer at the time, General Motors.  Thinking this a stable opportunity, I found myself an observer of continuous budget cutbacks and periodic layoffs.  A practice of quiet creative craft and out-of-the-box problem solving provided a measure of sustainability.


For seven years (1st year as contractor) it had been a privilege to meet and work with some of the most competent and dedicated professional training developers.  Collaborating locally and remotely myself and my talented associates engineered processes, capabilities and solutions to ease, expedite, improve or extend T&D / ISD tasks of: Planning-Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (P-ADDIE). The image shown is from an interface to a database model designed to incorporate many of these tasks.  


Client ROI benefits included results as would help improve the competitive position of the company to better compete for and acquire small and major T&D contracts.  While training budgets were being cut in many companies, typical in an economic downturn, metrics were being compiled and presented that reported training effectiveness of Web Based Training to reduce client instructional costs and reduce wastes and costs of loss productivity from workers not being properly informed on job procedures and practices.  An emphasis was placed on easing the design and production of online training and job aids. Resulting products showed workers “How To Do The Job” correctly, alerted them to emerging and existing issues, and elevated worker efficiency. Tangible results benefited both dealers profitability and customer satisfaction ratings.  Such results earned the company top ranking as a training development source.



3 - PC Applications Design & Development
or professional, business and organizational interests. 
To broaden expression of a creative mind and continue the rewards of being engaged in an ROI focused client-collaboration practice, I transitioned my service offerings of applying color designs on an architectural canvas to applying software application designs on computer screen canvas.  Whereas I once thought in terms of color, aesthetics, and longevity - I now added software function and ease. 

By discussing with clients their information needs I helped advance their business concerns with highly personalized info-solutions in the forms of: databases, spreadsheet models, informative presentations, communicative small publications, illustrations, photo imaging, video and object oriented programming.

Applications were unique to the interests and suited specific current and future needs determined for each client.  Most all solutions were informative, interactive, printed and/or published works addressing a diverse range of interests.

For example...

  • Tutoring a Western Pennsylvania TV show food critic in the creative use of MS Office and PageMaker aided his efforts to write, craft, and publish a visually appealing cook book. 
  • Assisting a commercial artist to transition from conventional to digital studio practices enabling him to remain competitive with peers.  During a visit two years later he showed me a two page panel for Hewlett Packard computer advertisement he created appearing in a national magazine.  
  • Linking a McDonald Douglass mainframe to a NEC IBM Compatible PC, a Macintosh PC, and a laser printer. This enabled the company for the 1st time to download data, calculate it and chart it as related to a newly implemented Total Quality Management (TQM) program.   Data charted in MS Excel generated a series of colorful graphical reports contrasted to previous text-dense practice.  Results led to an award from Mellon Bank for the new visually informative reporting style.
  • Conceptualizing and prototyping a database model for lead contaminant testing of public housing units.  Developed initially as a FileMaker database then coded as a C++ application (to increase data entry speed as programmed by my tech-skilled architectural painting associate) enabled the company to be invited to be a part of one consortium competing with 4 others for a national $6 million dollar Housing & Urban Development (HUD) contract to perform the same service.  In part due to having the only software of its kind that automated lead testing data calculations in the field they had won the contract.  
  • Creating an online interactive "hyper manual" for a steel manufacturing company.  The manual "cover" enabled a user to click on an area of a 5 square mile overview of the facilities grounds and ultimately select on any of 67 production lines to get a line component's image, description and specification.  Symbols needed to be conceptualized and created to convey component function. 
  • Designing and developing a functional 1st generation Computer Based Training (CBT) authoring program that won an award and recognition for its effectiveness.   The client requested a presentation on their “Total Quality Management” (TQM) to be shown to company employees.  The responding effort led to an internal job training R&D initiative.  Instead of the client getting a presentation on one subject, they could now create their own multiple presentations on their varied work subjects of choice.  They could now easily build e-books with site relevant text, sound, photos and video of multiple job procedures.  A modestly skilled employee could create job training on set of network resident e-books.  The application could also test and report on user understanding of work subjects presented.  The concept merited submission by Westinghouse and a CNC training firm called MicroTeaching Factory to a public/private concern.  The application named U-Teach2 was innovative enough called to earn a "Benjamin Franklin Partnership Grant Award for Corporate Training Innovation".
  • Enabling a presentation specialist who worked as a contractor for NASA to learn about and use a Macintosh PC system, software and various digital tools and capabilities to produce presentations in mixed media formats on various initiatives within a research program called Controls Structures Interaction (CSI).  By consequence, I enjoyed that which I could not have imagined and am most grateful for the experience.


ROI benefits from creative, relevant "deliverables"... 

In general, many opportunities presented themselves to artfully adapt uses of info-technology to a client or employer's unique situation. Results typically enhanced a client's information processing capabilities, provided productivity enhancements, and improved a competitive position.



2 - Architectural Color Design and Restoration Painting
or private and public owners of buildings and structures, architects, designers and painters. 
This "Gift to the Streets" art form added real value monetarily and aesthetically for property owners and neighbors of businesses and residences.  The design activity turned out to be psychologically and emotionally stimulating for myself AND my clients.


It was a challenge of thought and concern to create mutually acceptable color “solutions”.  Typically a color design numbered from five to twenty five hues and tones.  In addition color combinations and placements needed to account for seasonal exposure conditions, onsite and nearby architectural and environmental character, interior and exterior view points, and other obvious and subtle factors requiring due attention.


Client ROI was generally an increase in property values from an average of 5% to significant at some locations.  Works ranged from Northern California, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

Compliments from viewers and neighbors added to client's ROI experience.  Publicity was generated in numerous local and national publications.  Examples were honorable mention in the Victorian "Painted Ladies" book series, a multi-page supplemental article with photos in a Pittsburgh Press Sunday edition, an article with photos in a New York based architectural magazine, an article on property investment and rejuvenating urban neighborhood structures with photo in USA Today, and others.


With the visual, spiritual and property value uplift AND such follow-up attention – favorable ROI from the practice of well thought and shared creativity, art and craft to affect change and improvement was evident.


Click to see examples


1 - Materials Inspection 
for the construction industry. 

As a 1st "real job" - this position afforded the unique circumstance to apply an observant mind for professional purpose.  After lab and field training I was sent on assignments of increasing complexity across the mid-Atlantic region to documenting, testing and monitoring construction concrete placements.  Tasks involved inspection, field tests and preparing samples for lab tests.  Service applications involved bridges, hospitals, power plants and even one of the largest non-building structures (600+ feet) in the nation at the time.  What a view from the narrow planked construction catwalk at top - unforgettable!

This work emphasized the value and importance of construction efforts firmly based on integrity.  Onsite and lab material inspections and onsite pour monitoring helped to prevent and lower risk of costly consequences from errors and oversights that may otherwise not be revealed till long after the work appeared done.  

Click to see tasks and responsibilities as presented by Ready Mixed Concrete Co.


Client ROI benefits was mainly assurance of avoiding costs of correcting otherwise preventable errors and flaws.


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