A pragmatic creative history
In design work or when seeking a situational solution, I learned to pose no limitations on others or myself to think relative to a need or interest.  Regardless if an advisory, database, document, or training development effort - whatever idea(s) listened to and expressed are matched to realistic concerns, capabilities, and limitations - technical and otherwise.  
In other words... a design, creative solution, or application that is technical and/or instructional must work by "fitting" to your situation - your interests.
If surviving that test, a sketch, illustration, mockup, or concept-prototype gives internally shaped idea(s) an external form so others can review, respond, reject or accept, and if continued, to refine.  

Consensus collaborative review-respond-refine cycles lead to functional and production prototypes of an inter-related product or deliverable.  If applicable an efficient design and build-process is also developed.  These activities culminate to production, delivery, review and refinement. 


A Bit About Us:

The creative process can seem mysterious. In practice I have observed that sharing a few moments of communication can spark purpose-driven thoughts, focus, and productive collaborations leading to...

  • Nationally distributed instructional presentations and videos for small-mid-sized businesses, largest of corporations and several government agencies 
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for navy aircraft carrier flight operations 
  • Award winning Computer Based Training (CBT) for industry and manufacturing 
  • Lead testing database to map lead contamination  in large apartment buildings across the nation 
  • Software to assess curriculum and course content for multi-million dollar Returns on Investment (ROI) 
  • Processes and tools used to produce corporate Web Based Training (WBT) and job aids 
  • Cloud-based creative collaboration studio. 

Others I have been privileged to work with have done even more.  All are familiar and have engaged numerous times in the summarized process leading to outcomes similar to and more significant then those noted above.  

These and more are achievable in by entering into and trying our public cloud workshop.

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