Lectures & related FIELD VISITS (Text Book) (CURRICULLUM CONTENT) 
1st Cycle (2009-2011)
INTRODUCTION  i. Orientation I (Course Intro)
by Bakhtiar Effendi Yahya 

ii. Orientation II (Dos and Don'ts in Malaysia
 iii. Introduction to MTCP & TCTP  
by EPU  download       
 iii. Introduction to MTCP & TCTP   

2nd Cycle (2013-2015)
 INTRODUCTIONi. Orientation I (course Intro) 
by Bakhtiar Effendi Yahya  download  

ii. Orientation II (Dos and Don's in Malaysia)  download  
by Mahadimenakbar Mohd Dawood  
i. Orientation I (Course Introduction) 
by Mahadimenakbar Mohd Dawood  download    
ii. Orientation II (Dos and Don'ts) 
by Mahadimenakbar Mohd Dawood  download  
 iii. Introduction to MTCP & TCTP  
by MTCP  download   
iii. Introduction to MTCP & TCTP by MTCP   
 iv. Governance of Sabah 
by Gerald Jetony  download  
iv. Governance of Sabah
by Gerald Jetony  download   
 v. JICA in Malaysia
by Kazunobu Yoshizawa  download  

vi. Intro to BBEC 
by BBEC  download    
v. JICA in Malaysia by Kazunobu Yoshizawa  download  
 vi. SaBC (general info)
by Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC)

vii. SaBC (BioD Governance, Enactment, Sabah BioD Strategy) 
by Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC)  download    
vi. Introduction to Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC) and its role in BBEC (General Info) 
by Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SaBC)  download    
 viii. Introduction to UMS Sandakan 
by UMS Sandakan  

L1 ITBC: Roles and functions in integrated and sustainable conservation of Sabah's biodiversity and ecosystem 
Charles S. Vairappan  

L2 UMS-EcoCampus Initiatives
Awangku Hasanal

 INTEGRATIONi. Lecture on International Initiatives, MAB, UNESCO & Ramsar by Ohsawa  download    i. Integrated biodiversity and ecosystem in Sabah by Maryati Mohamed download  
 iii. Lecture on sustainable development, SDBEC 

L4 International Initiatives UNESCO MAB SATOYAMA by
Hiroyuki Matsuda
 iii. Ramsar Lower Kinabatangan Segama Wetlands by Tuan Haji Abu Samah  download  
Sukau and Abai 

L9 Community ecotourism potential in Sukau, Kinabatangan
by Isabelle Lackman/Marc Ancrenaz/Harjinder Kler 
 iv. Community ecotourism and forest restoration by Ji (KOPEL)  download  
Kg Batu Putih  
 v. Action to promote community participation using the existing poverty alleviation programmes including Tagal
Kg. Nountunan  
 vi. Regional approach (ACB) in Biodiversity and Ecosystem management
by Filiberto Pollisco  
 RESEARCH & EDUCATIONi. IBTP and research support (Cluster I; Cluster II)
by Bakhtiar Effendi Yahya  download  
IBTP research facilities  

Education Cluster;
by Mahadimenakbar Mohd Dawood  download  
IBTP research facilities 

Lesson Learnt

L3 Ecotourism in Sabah by
Kueh Booh Hee

L12 Ecology, distribution and abundance, and conservation of the proboscis monkey populations in the Klias Peninsula 
by Henry Bernard

by Mahadimenakbar / Arman Hadi
 PARK MANAGEMENTi. Introduction to Sabah Parks & Management Plan of MAB
by     download  
Crocker Range  

 ii. Research activities such as permanent plots with hydrological analysis in the core area of the Crocker Range Buffer Region (CRBR)
by     download  
Crocker Range     
 WILDLIFE MANAGEMENTi. Lower Segama Wildlife Conservation Area 
by Mohamad Soffian Abu Bakar 
Sukau & Abai  

ii. Lecture on the role of Sabah Wildlife Department and Ecotourism 
by Mohamad Soffian Abu Bakar 
Sukau & Abai   

L6 Introduction to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre (SOURC) and orang utan rehabilitation programme by Sailun Aris/Adrianus Onong download L7 Introduction to Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) and sun bear conservation by Wong Siew Te download L8 Introduction on Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary & Wildlife Management Intervention by Roland Niun download L10 Kinabatangan Orang utan Conservation Project (HUTAN) by Isabelle Lackman/Marc Acrenaz/Harjinder Kler download L11 Wildlife research at Danau Girang Field Centre & Introduction of Keruak Wildlife Corridor (DGFC) by Meaghan Harris download
 PUBLIC AWARENESSi. Rainforest Discovery Centre RDC contribution to environmental education in Sabah by Phylesia Jill Rama   download   

L5 The roles and functions of Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) by Bernadette Joeman download L14 Sustainable Forest Management in Sabah by Mashor Jaini & Musa Salleh download L15 Conservation and sustainable use of tropical peat swamp forest and associated wetland ecosystems: Bukau-Api-Api Conservation Area (UNDP/GEF funded project) by Christopher Matunjau download
 ii. Collaboration with NGO and private sectors for wildlife conservation (HUTAN) (2010)
by HUTAN  download  
Sukau & Abai  
 iii. Collaboration with NGO and private sectors for wildlife conservation (WWF) (2010) 
by WWF  download  
Sukau & Abai  

 iv. Role of Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre (KKWC)  
by Jocelyn Maluda  download  
 v. Implementation of Sabah Environmental Education Policy through Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN) 
by     download  

 vi. Role of Sabah Journalists Association in Public Participation (2009) 
by   download  

 vii. Role of Education Department Teachers Task Force in Public Participation (2011)
by      download  
 DISCUSSIONS & INTERACTIONSProject Cycle Management (PCM) 
by         download  

Group Activities