Leadership Team Elections!

We’re excited to announce the beginning of the transition process from the current OHDCC Leadership Team to the future leaders of 2012-2013! Elections will be held for five leadership positions: President (1), Leadership Team Member (4).


Election process:

As a member, you can run for the position of President, the position of Leadership Team Member, or both. If you choose to run for both positions and you are not elected for the position of President, you can still be elected to the Leadership Team. Your decision to run for one position will in no way affect your ability to run for the other.


The individual receiving the most votes for the position of President will be elected to that position. The four individuals with the most votes for Leadership Team (with the exception of the person elected as President) will be elected to those positions. Please note that it is possible to not be elected as President but still be elected on the Leadership Team (if you decide to run for both).




Voting will be conducted online and will be managed by a neutral TC staff member. Details on how to vote will be released when polls open.


Eligibility to Run for Office and Vote:


Candidates: OHDCC membership is required to run for a leadership position. If you have not yet submitted your dues, please do so by Friday, April 6th at 5pm.*

Voting Members: Voting is also a member-only process. If you are not yet a member and would like to vote, please submit your OHDCC membership dues ($40) by Friday, April 6th at 5pm.*


To Run for a Leadership Position:

1.   Review the job descriptions for the positions of President & Leadership Team Member (attached as a PDF).

2. Submit a completed application (attached as a Word document) by Friday, April 6th at 5pm. Please reply directly to this message with your application attached. If you are not an OHDCC member, your dues are also required by the application deadline.

3. On Monday, April 9th, all candidate application responses will be emailed to the membership (along with the two job descriptions).


4. On Thursday, April 12th, candidates and members are invited to an Elections Social where candidates will introduce themselves and engage in a brief Q&A (with questions from membership). Drinks and food provided.


5. On Friday, April 13th at 12pm, voting will begin. All members will receive detailed instructions on how to vote when polls open.


6. Voting will be open until Friday, April 20th at 12pm. The 2012-2013 OHDCC Leadership Team will be announced as soon as possible after votes have been tabulated and voter eligibility status has been verified.


Dates to remember:


Friday 4/6 – Application forms due to contactohdcc@gmail.com by 5pm

Monday 4/9 – Candidates announced and statements distributed

Thursday 4/12 – Elections Social w/ candidate Q&A

Friday 4/13 – Voting opens at 12pm

Friday 4/20 – Voting closes at 12pm




As a leadership team – and as OHDCC members – we look forward to a strong group of candidates with compelling vision, fresh ideas, and a true passion for serving the OHDCC community. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the current leadership team at contactohdcc@gmail.com. Thank you, and good luck!


*To submit member dues, please make a check for $40 out to “Teachers College,” writing “OHDCC” in the memo line along with your Columbia email address. Drop off checks to Lynda Hallmark or Lebab Fallin in Zankel 222. You will receive confirmation once checks have been picked up.