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K Unit 1: Earth Science (Aug. 26 - Oct. 30)

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Essential Questions

What are some patterns I see around me?


The following definitions are in kindergarten terminology.  For pictures and sentences look for the Kindergarten Picture Dictionary (K.Unit1.Vocab.pdf) at the bottom of this webpage.

·      sun – seen in the sky during the day

·      day – a time when it is light outside and the sun can be seen

·      moon – an object in the night sky that moves around the Earth

·      stars – objects that help light up the night sky

·      night – a time when it is dark and the moon and stars can be seen

·      cloud – looks like a white shape floating in the sky

·      cloudy – lots of clouds

·      rain – drops of water that fall to the ground from clouds

·      rainy – lots of rain

·      snow – cold, white stuff that falls from the sky

·      snowy – lots of snow

·      wind – when the air blows outside

·      windy – lots of wind

·      summer – when it is warm or hot outside

·      warm – when something is not very hot

·      winter – when it is cold outside

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