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GR 8 Unit 1 - Nature of Science (Aug. 26-Sept. 26)

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Essential Questions

How can I design a replicable scientific investigation?                        


  • reputable source - research site that is trustworthy (e.g. Digital Library of Earth Science Education, National Science Digital Library,, etc.)
  • hypothesis/prediction - an educated guess of what you think is going to happen in a situations
  • procedures - a specific sequence of ordered steps
  •  data - the information gathered from observations of an experiment.
  • conclusion - states whether the data supported the hypothesis.
  • source of error - a source that affects the results of an experiment (human error-spilled something, not following directions exactly; environmental error-impurities in chemicals; instrumental limitations-how specific your measurement is; trial/sample size-testing to little)
  • fact - something that can be proven through observation
  • law/principle - a fact that has always been observed to be true (Law of Gravity says that when an object is released it will fall and has always been proven to be true)
  • theory - an explanation of why something happens that is well-supported by evidence (plate tectonics is a well supported piece of evidence that explains continental drift and seafloor spreading)

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