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GR 6 Unit 2 - Physics (Nov. 3 - Jan. 16)

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Essential Questions

Why can I throw a baseball further than I can throw a bowling ball? 
If energy cannot be created or destroyed, where does energy come from and where does it go?


  •  speed - how fast an object is moving
  • distance - how far an object has traveled and is used to calculate the speed of that object (distance x time = speed)
  • newton - a component of force that measure speed (units of numerical magnitude)
  • direction - a component of force that measure where something goes (left, right, up, down)
  • magnitude - the size or extent of an object
  • balanced force - occur when two forces are equal in  magnitude and opposite in direction
  • unbalanced forces - occur when two forces are unequal in magnitude and/or not opposite in direction
  • net force - the resulting force after all the individual forces acting on an object are added together
  • friction - a force between two surfaces that opposes motion
  • thermal energy - the  total of all the kinetic and potential energy of the atoms in an object(e.g. heat, stove, sun)
  • mechanical energy - found in objects that re moving (e.g. moving car, riding a bicycle, ball at the top of a hill)
  • chemical energy - found in the bonds holding molecules together (e.g. energy stored inside a battery, people digesting food, coal, oil)
  • electrical energy - the presence and flow of an electric charge (e.g. electricity from outlets, energy that comes from batteries, energy that lights up a light bulb in a lamp)
  • kinetic energy - the energy an object has due to its motion
  • potential energy - energy that is stored
  • energy transformation - when one type of energy changes into another type of energy (e.g. photosynthesis transforms light energy to chemical energy, riding a bike transforms chemical energy to mechanical energy, a light bulb transforms electrical energy to light energy)

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