Grade 6

6th Grade    
Learning Goals: 23
Sub-Learning Goals: 90
Unit Timeline
Foss Kits Used
Continuing Learning
 2 (Sub 4)
Covered all year
 None There are questions pertaining to these learning goals at the end of EVERY unit test!
Unit 1: Earth Science
 8 (Sub 31)
Unit: Aug 26-Oct 30
Part 1: Aug 26-Sep 26
Part 2: Sep 29-Oct 30
Foss Landforms Kit (All) (Use with Part 2)
Unit 2: Physics
 6 (Sub 20)Nov 3-Jan 16
STC Energy, Machines, and Motions Kit (All)
Unit 3: Chemistry
 3 (Sub 21)
Jan 20-Mar 12
GEMS Dry Ice Inv. Kit (TCMS)
Unit 4: Solar System
 2 (Sub 6)
Mar 16-Apr 16
 Foss Earth, Moon, and Stars Kit (TCMS)
 The Sun is the only star in our universe, so "stars" is not the correct answer for #1. Technically, "meteoroid" is the correct name for that object when it is in our solar system. "Meteor" and "meteorite"  both occur after a meteoroid has hit the Earth's atmosphere. The difference between these definitions is small enough that we will accept any of the three int he assessment.
Unit 5: Life Science
 2 (Sub 8)
Apr 20-May 28

Curriculum Guide Reminders

·      There are many Learning Goals, but don’t be overwhelmed; they are meant to be grouped together in teaching and on assessments.

·      Students are expected to master up to and including the Description of Proficiency for each Learning Goal.

·      Each grade level is responsible for covering the Learning Goals for that grade as students will not be repeating any skills. (They will build upon previously mastered skills, but will not master the exact same skill in multiple grades.)

·      Grades 6-12 should try to use the Common Core Reading Standards for Literacy in Science (located under the Continuing Learning tab) as much as possible. There aren’t assessment tasks for these standards, but they are important to keep in mind while teaching.

·      Grades K-8 will use the Foss kits occasionally. However, the standards cannot be covered by Foss kits alone! Please use the other Resources listed also. If you find a great resource, please send it in so we can share it! (See the Pacing Guide Tutorials page for how to do his.)

·      If the students have mastered the Learning Goals for the Unit in the given timeline, please look at the Extensions tab for additional teaching objectives.

·      Formative Assessments are the responsibility of the individual teacher.

·      Summative Assessments are required by the district and are provided for each unit as an attachment at the bottom of each unit page.

·      Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Lakota Studies Standards are intended to be met throughout the school year in a variety of ways.  They are applicable to much of the content in each of the units.  This material can and should be woven into the framework of your instruction throughout the course of your teaching.

For more in-depth information about these reminders, please see the Pacing Guide Tutorials tab.