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GR 5 Unit 6: Life Science - Plants (Mar. 30 - Apr. 24)

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Essential Questions

What role does light play in plant growth? 
What functions do plant parts carry out?


·      photosynthesis – the process that plants and some other organisms use to make sugar for food

·      carbon dioxide – colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that plants use to make food

·      pistil – the female organs of a flower

·      pollen – a grainy yellow powder made at the top of the stamen of a flower

·      stamen – the male fertilizing organ of a flower

·      pollination – occurs when pollen from a male plant and an egg from a female plant combine to form a new plant

·      reproduction – the process where new life is created: in a flowering plant, the stamen makes pollen, and the pistil makes eggs, and when the pollen and egg combine fertilization occurs and a new plant is created

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