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GR 5 Unit 5: Life Science - Ecosystems (Feb 2 - Mar 27)

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This assessment is available online, as DStep test prep.  Unit 5 P1 and P2
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*Online tests are not exact replicas, the content is the same, however some of the question types have been changed.

Essential Questions

What are the different ways that organisms and their ecosystems interact? 

How do plants survive and reproduce? 


·      overpopulation – when one area has too many of one species

·      flooding – the overflowing of large amounts of water

·      drought – a very long time without any precipitation

·      deforestation – when trees are cut and forests are cleared away

·      acid rain – rainfall made so acidic by pollution that it causes harm to the environment, especially in forest and lakes

·      wildfires – large, destructive forest or bush fires that spread quickly

·      omnivore – consumers that eat both plants and animals.

·      carnivore – consumers that eat animals

·      herbivore – consumers that eat plants

·      decomposer – digests the waste and remains of dead plants and animals

·      energy pyramid – a diagram that shows the amounts of energy that flows through each level of a food chain with producers (at the lowest level), herbivores (next level), and carnivores (top level)

·      energy – flows from one level of the pyramid to the next when an organism eats

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