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GR 4 Unit 2: Physical Science - Water Cycle, Weather, and Matter (Oct. 6- Dec. 18)

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Essential Questions

How does the water cycle affect Earth's air, water, land, and living things? 
How does wind affect the Earth? 
What part do the states of matter play in the water cycle?



·      water cycle – is the movement of water from Earth's surface into the air and back again; this includes evaporation, condensation, and precipitation

·      evaporation – the change from liquid water to water vapor

·      condensation – the process of water vapor changing into a liquid

·      precipitation – any form of water falling from the air to Earth’s surface



·      states of matter – the different forms matter can take: liquid, solid, gas

·      matter – anything that takes up space and has mass

·      solubility – ability of a solid material to dissolve in another

·      less dense – whether an object will float

·      more dense – whether an object will sink

·      mass – the amount of matter in an object

·      volume – the amount of space that matter takes up

·      property of matter – something you can observe about matter using your senses

·      magnetism – the property of attraction of an object that has a magnetic field; can attract other objects mad of metal

·      flexibility – when an object is easily bendable without breaking

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