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GR 3 Unit 4: Habitats (Feb. 23 - Apr. 10)

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Essential Questions

How does environment support the great number of plants and animals that live there?           
In what ways do humans impact the environment? 


·      grasslands – a kind of habitat that has many grasses and flowering plants but few trees; supports a lot of animals because the grasses provide many hiding places; have a medium amount of rain (not too much, not too little)

·      desert – a kind of habitat that is extremely dry with very little rain;  animals hide during the day and come out during the night; few plants, but those that do grow in the desert store water in their stems and leaves

·      tundra – a kind of habitat that is cold and dry; where the ground is frozen for a very long time; no sunlight in the winter, but during the summer it shines all day; many plants do not grow there because the ground is frozen; few animals there

·      temperate forest – have lots of trees;  are warm and dry during the summer and cold and snowy during the winter; many animals and plants live there

·      tropical forests – have lots of trees; are found near the equator and are warm, rainy, and humid all year; a very high number of plants, animals, and insects live there

·      environment – everything that surrounds a living thing

·      pollution – occurs when waste materials make the air, water, and  environment dirty

·      fossil – the remains or mark of a living thing from long ago

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