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GR 2 Unit 3: Life Science (Mar. 2 - May 28)

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Essential Questions

What properties can I use to group plants and animals? 
What are some ways living things change throughout their life? 
What do plants and animals do in order to survive?


The following definitions are in 2nd Grade terminology.  For pictures and sentences look for the 2nd Grade Picture Dictionary (GR2.Unit3.Vocab.pdf) at the bottom of this webpage.

·      species – a group of living things that are the similar

·      life cycle – the way a living thing grows and changes

·      adapt – to make changes in environments in order to survive

·      spread – to scatter

·      adult plant – the final stage of growth for a plant

·      survive – to live

·      migration – when animals move to survive the seasons

·      hibernation – when animals sleep through the winter

·      camouflage – helps and animal stay safe in its environment

·      extinct – when a plant or animal no longer lives on Earth

·      endangered – when a plant or animal is at risk of becoming extinct

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