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GR 2 Unit 1: Earth Science (Aug. 26 - Oct. 30)

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Essential Questions

What changes can I see in weather from one season to another? 
How do I find different landforms on a map? 
What are the different forms of water on Earth?           


The following definitions are in 2nd Grade terminology.  For pictures and sentences look for the 2nd Grade Picture Dictionary (GR2.Unit1.Vocab.pdf) at the bottom of this webpage.

·      conditions – the way the weather is at a certain time and place

·      tornado – very strong wind that comes down from clouds in the shape of a funnel

·      hurricane – a storm that starts over warm ocean waters that has hard rain and very strong winds

·      thunderstorm – weather that has rain, wind, and lightning

·      lightning – a flash of light in the sky

·      blizzard – a winter storm with very low temperatures, strong winds, heavy snowfall, and blowing snow

·      temperature – how hot or cold something is

·      thermometer – a tool that measures temperature

·      rain gauge – a tool used to measure precipitation

·      mountain – a large steep hill

·      valley – a low area between hills or mountains

·      plains – large areas with flat land and few trees

·      lake – a large body of fresh water surrounded by land

·      rivers – a large stream of water flowing in a channel to a sea or lake

·      Earth – the planet we live on

·      salt water – water that has salt in it

·      fresh water – water with no salt

·      warmer – when the temperature goes up

·      cooler – when the temperature goes down

·      degrees – the numbers on a thermometer

·      tool – an object that does a job

·      melting – when ice turns to liquid water

·      freezing – when liquid water turns to ice

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