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GR 1 Unit 1: Earth Science (Aug. 26 - Oct. 17)

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Essential Questions

What changes can I see in weather from yesterday to today?  
What are some words I can use to describe rocks?


The following definitions are in 1st Grade terminology.  For pictures and sentences look for the 1st Grade Picture Dictionary (GR1.Unit1.Vocab.pdf) at the bottom of this webpage.

·      change – to make something different

·      season – is one of the four parts of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter)

·      spring – a season when flowers begin to grow

·      fall – a season when leaves fall off trees

·      weather – what it is like outside

·      senses – seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling

·      boulder – a very big rock

·      pebble – very small rocks

·      rock – a broken piece of stone.

·      sand – tiny pieces of broken rock

·      silt – very fine sand that feels smooth

·      rough – when an object is not soft to touch

·      smooth – when an object is soft to touch

·      darker – when the color is closer to black

·      lighter – when an object is closer to white

·      dull – when an object is not bright

·      shiny – when an object is bright

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