Grade 1

Welcome to First Grade!

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Move your cursor on the Grade 1 tab above to reveal a drop-down menu of all 11 units and the dates you'll be teaching them this year. Click on the unit that you are looking for, and you'll be able to download standards and learning goals as well as see the essential questions and vocabulary that students will need to discuss the topics of that unit. (Please note that the blue, bolded essential question has been identified as the most crucial question for the unit, and will appear on the unit assessment.)


Here are the topics that students will be investigating this year:

Unit 1a Counting and Comparing

Building on the routines that they developed in kindergarten, students review their daily schedule, attendance, calendar and the weather. Students are also reintroduced to math materials and counting strategies. 

Unit 1b Combinations

Students in this unit continue to compare numbers and, as a review from the end of their kindergarten year, combine numbers to lay the foundation for simple addition.

Unit 2 2-D Geometry

Much like their work in combining and decomposing numbers, students combine and decompose shapes into other shapes. The properties of shapes are also discussed, and students compare and sort triangles and quadrilaterals.

Unit 3a Problem Solving

Students explore addition and subtraction through story problems, and solve them using multiple strategies and representations.

Unit 3b Addition, Subtraction and Larger Numbers

Expanding upon previous units, students solve story problems by adding and subtracting. Students also count as high as they can and play Missing Numbers from 1 to 100.

Unit 5 Measurement

In kindergarten, students measured their shoes with cubes and craft sticks. In this unit, students continue discussing measurement, focusing on comparisons and different units.

Unit 6a Combinations of Ten

Students make combinations of ten and later twelve using addition and subtraction games, including a more challenging version of Dot Addition.

Unit 6b Addition and Subtraction

This units has students extend their discussions for addition and subtraction strategies while solving story problems. 

Unit 8a 100, 2s, 5s and 10s

Back to big numbers! Students focus on the number sequence from 1 to 100 and beyond, looking for patterns and missing numbers. Students also learn to count by twos, fours, fives and tens.

Unit 8b Tens and Ones

Students start to think of two-digit numbers between 10 and 20 as a combination of a ten and ones, and form equivalent expressions such as 8 + 7 = 10 + 5.

Unit 9 3-D Geometry

As with their unit in three-dimensional objects in kindergarten, first graders in this final unit will match the faces of three-dimensional figures faces with two-dimensional pictures and discuss the properties of those figures. They will also construct a town of three-dimensional buildings from two-dimensional plans.


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Grade One Math

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