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GR 9 Unit 3

Understanding Literature

Unit Overview
This unit focuses on elements of narrative texts.  Students analyze how a theme emerges in a narrative.  Students will also examine adaptations of well-known or classic texts.

In writing, students are expected to produce a narrative piece that will be scored using the Todd County Common Core Writing Rubric. 

Essential Questions

How do author choices affect narrative texts?


VocabularyKey Understanding
 EmergesBecome apparent, important, or prominent
 Recurring To occur periodically or repeatedly
 Motif a recurring element in a text or works of literarture, such as a type of incident, device, references, or verbal formula (e.g., Princess separated from true position i.e. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty)
 Role of...
 the reason a particular literary device is used in a particular spot
 Refined removing excess information or distractors

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