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GR K Unit 3

Understanding Nonfiction Texts

Unit Overview
In this 13 week unit, students will be engaged in content teaching and assessment of informational texts.  Students are expected to name the main topic and list details from a nonfiction text.  Students will also continue to work on naming similarities and differences between nonfiction topics and texts. Students can continue to read narrative texts in guided and independent settings.  In writing students will complete two informational pieces: a piece on a nonfiction topic and a piece stating their opinion of a text or topic.

Fountas & Pinnell Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears and No More Letter of the Week will continue.

Teachers are encouraged to plan collaboratively with their grade-level teams to create unit plans around the mastery learning goals.  Teachers should review the Unit Benchmarks before beginning instruction.  The Unit Benchmarks can be administered as learning goals are taught.

Unit Benchmark Assessment scores will be uploaded to Mastery Manager within a week after the unit ends. 

Get started by downloading the unit at the bottom of this page!

Essential Questions

What is a nonfiction book? 

How are nonfiction books different? 

How are nonfiction books the same? 

Why are opinions and topics important?


Unit 3: NonfictionKey Understanding
nonfictionsomething that is real or a book that tells information
main topicwhat a book or text is about
key detailsthe most important small parts of a book

Comprehensive ELA Vocabulary (K-12)

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