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GR 5 Unit 2

Essential Questions

How does quoting narrative text help me understand the text?

Why are details important when determining the theme of a text?

How does point of view affect a narrative story or poem?

How are themes and topics similar in same genre?

How are themes and topic different in the same genre?


Unit 2: LiteratureKey Understanding
quoterepeat or copy what someone else has said or written
explicitstated directly in the text
using schema combined with textual clues to draw conclusions not explicitly stated in the text (implicit)
themethe big idea of a text or what the author wants you to learn from a text
speakera person or thing who tells a poem
narratora person or thing who tells a story
genrea category of literature with similar structure: ex. fable, myth, tall tale, folktale, mystery, adventure
comparefind similarities
find differences

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