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GR 4 Unit 2

Essential Questions

How do you summarize a narrative text?

Why is point of view important in narrative text?

How are themes, topic and pattern of events similar in narrative texts?

How are themes, topic and pattern of events different in narrative texts?


Unit 2: LiteratureKey Understanding
themethe big idea of a text or what the author wants you to learn from a text
first person point of viewtold from the point of a view of a character in a story using "I" or "we"
third person point of viewtold from a point of a view of a someone NOT in the story
pattern of events/text structuresthe way events are organized in a literature or the overall structure of a text 
chronological text structure a text with events occurring in time order 
descriptive text structure a text which gives many details about a given topic
compare and contrast text structure a text which focuses on similarities and differences of a given topic
cause and effect text structure a text in which one action or event will produce another  
problem and solution text structure a text which includes a problem that is later solved within the piece  
comparefind similarities
contrastfind differences 

 Unit 2:  Word Parts
 Key Understanding
 -ing verb form/past participle
 -al having characterics of
 -ial having characteristics of
 -ity state of
 -ty state of
 chron time
 terr land
 urb city
 void empty

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