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GR 10 Unit 1

Introduction to Reading and Writing Workshop

Unit Overview
In this unit, teachers and students will establish expectations and routines for the Reading and Writing Workshops.  Use the essential questions below to guide student learning. 

All Unit Benchmark scores will be uploaded to Mastery Manager within a week after the unit ends (see calendar on Overview Page for dates).

Essential Questions

How do readers and writers manipulate language to reach a goal?


VocabularyKey Understanding
 Fallacy    a mistaken belief, especially one based on an unsound argument
 Reasoning to think, understand, or form judgments based on logic
 False Statement
 a statement used by a speaker to deceive or mislead, even though the speaker knows the statement is untrue
 Euphemism Using a mild or gentle phrase instead of a blunt, embarrassing, or painful one (e.g., “Grandfather passed away” instead of “Grandfather died”)

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