Our Home

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams" - Unknown

We purchased our second home in March 2007. Our house is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with a full semi finished basement in a great neighborhood. We love our neighbors, and the neighborhood association is great too. They have at least one neighborhood thing a month, from a adult euchre nights to a back to school party for all the kids. My favorite activity of all though has been the Christmas party in the park where everyone lit candles along the street and the kids got to meet Santa, do crafts, and eat cookies in the park. It's just not the normal way society works anymore.....so it makes the house all that much more special.

Outside Before


Outside pictures of our house before we bought it. It sat on the market for 9 months with two different realtors, hence the season change. You can't see it all that well, but the bushes were so overgrown that the one by the front door made it almost impossible to move our furnutire in. DH and my dad had to cut it down in the middle of moving in it was so bad! Needless to say, we ripped everything out and started front scratch!

Outside Progress...


Fall 2007

Winter 2008

Summer 2008

Close up's of the land landscape.

Soon after we moved in, we painted the outside SW Khaki and repainted the front door Tricorn Black. We replaced the shutters and replaced all of the outdoor lighting. The yard still needs some major work to bring it back to life, but that will come with time. New windows have been ordered and should be installed any day now. Eventually we'd like to get a new front door too.

DH's New Barn in Backyard

DH is now the idol of all men in our neighborhood. The barn is now painted....I need to add some new photos.

New fence progress. It's not the best picture in the world.....but it's hard to get one because of the pinetree. Anyway.....you get the idea.

Entry Before

Dark and dingy. [blurry listing realtor photo]

Entry Progress...

 Almost Finished...

It's a small space, so it's hard to take pictures, but at least it's coming along and looks so much more happy and cheery! Walls are SW Wool Skein and trim color is Antique White. We also replaced all of the doors with solid wood 6 panel doors and replaced the hardware with brushed nickel. I still think the space needs something else, maybe a coat rack or a 4 ft topiary of some kind. Plus, I'd like to getsome type of small stool to sit on when putting on our shoes.

The entry cabinet is the Winston cabinet from JCPenney ($279).  I found the mirror at Kirklands for only $29.99! The lantern was picked up at the after Christmas sale at Target for $12.99 and the candles were less than $10 from Walmart. The plant was clearence from Michael's for $4.99. The lamp was part of a two piece set from Kirkland's for $19.99 and the books were $.25 each at a garage sale. Running total for decor - less than $349!

Entry Update 9/22/08:

The entry way with fall decor. The leaves are leftover from my fall "art" project. The harvest sign was $4.99 at Hobby Lobby. The crow just flew right in...j/k, I picked it up at the Dollar Tree. And the vase with fall berries in it was $9.99 for the vase from Old Time Pottery and another $6 for 4 stems of the berries from Hobby Lobby. I also found this cute "Witch Way" sign at the Dollar Tree. I put it to the right of the closet where the picture used to be. I locw to look of replacing normal pictures with creepy ones during Halloween, bt right now I barley have the money for one set of pictures, let alone a set for each season/holiday.


Here was my inspiration:


Hallway Progress...

And progress...

We painted everything (walls are SW Wool Skein), replaced the lighting, replaced doors and hardware. Frames are Canopy from Walmart. Still need to get photos printed for them though...

Living Room and Dining Room Before


Pretty tacky as you can see...with sellers stuff of course.

Living Room and Dining Room Progress...

 Yes, Luke was very helpful during te remodel!


Flooring is Columbia Mayan Ridge Merbau. We got a steal on the Pulaski china cabinet from Macy's. It was only $389 since it was a floor model. Nothing wrong with it though, not even a scratch. The new chandalier is from Lowes and was less than $200. Table was clearence from Target about 4 years ago. We paid $215 including shipping. China cabinet will be moved to living room once I get a server bought.

Dining Room Update 9/22/08:

This is our new buffet table. I'll take new pictures of the dining room as a whole here soon.

Defiantly a work in progress, but it's coming along. Wall color again is SW Wool Skein and trim is Antique White.  The couch will thankfully be leaving soon and the lamps are just temporary. Windows should be installed soon too, so I can get started on the curtains. The couch was the Dublin sofa from JCP which was $599. Coffee table and end table are the Newberry Collection from JCP (less than $300 for both).

Living Room Update 9/22/08:

The china cabinet got moved to the living room. Not sure if I really like it there, but it'll stay till we get the rest of the room furnished at least. Last big update for this room will be the new windows which should go in ANY day now. Then I can get window treatments. Plus, the sofa should be leaving just as soon as BIL finds a house.....then  I get my new chairs! Yeah! =)

Here are items I would like to add:

Kitchen Before


These cabinets were the cheapest things in the world. They were literally falling off the wall. Why even bother trying the hide the fact that they were hideous by painting them black?!?!? And laminite butcher block counter tops......WOW! We did end up selling the used appliances for $1,000 though. They were only a few years old and top of the line Kitchenaide.

Kitchen Progress...

Furthur progress...

Cabinets are Shrock/Thomasville. The color is called Briarwood and the door style is called Princeton. The appliances are Fridgedaire Professional Series.  We also replaced the old french doors with a sliding glass door. It's not as nice looking, but so much more functional for us.

Family Room Before


Family Room Progress...

And more progress:

And furthur progress:

The couch is called Eclipse sectional sofa in oak color microfiber from JCPenney along with the matching chair. It was only $1200 for the couch and $450 for the chair and is AWSOME quality! We found the ottoman on sale at Kirklands ($225). The picture frames are from Ikea (less than $100 for 5). Accent pillows were $3 each at Old Time Pottery. Rug is from Lowes on clearence for less than $100.  The end table is temporary until I find something else.  The entertainment cabinet is also from JCPenney and was only $499! We would have preferred something a little lower and wider, but with a 9 month old learning to walk....this works out perfect!

The mantel was purchased from www.mantelsdirect.com. Our new fireplace doors are being installed tomorrow. Mirror was from Target about 5 years ago.Topiary was $3 at a garage sale. Family sign was $10 from Hobby Lobby. Candles and holders were less than $20 from Old Time Pottery. Curtain hardware and curtains are all from Lowes. They were about $300 for everyhting. Two pictures were clearence at Marshall's for less than $30 for both. We also replaced all the register vents with brushed nickle ones from Lowes.

Family Room Update 9/22/08:

I ended up making fall "art" for the picture frames since I've been slacking on getting pictures printed. I just got a fake leaf and taped it to scrapbook paper and put it inside the frame.

The second picture is the mantel decorated for Halloween. I found the birdcage at the flea market this weekend for only $5. It looked kinda of creepy to me and so was the old lady selling it. The pumpkins were only $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. They had this vintage look to me in the store. I also replaced our old candles with orange ones for the season, $8 and $12 from Kohls. Plus, I nabbed some new candle sticks as well ($4) and put them in some candle holders we got as a wedding gift. Wait till I figure out how to get a picture of them lit, with the lights out and the light flickering off the mirror....it's super creepy!

Nursery Before

Nursery Progress...

And it still is not 100% finished. You can even see in the picture that I have frames up against he bookcase. I have pictures of Luke that I've wanted to put on the wall since a few weeks after he was born and never gotten around to it. Oh well......

Our 2nd bedroom (a.k.a. Luke's big boy room)

The theme is obviously baseball. DH loves baseball so he's sure Luke will love baseball as well (joking of course, but he can redo it when he's old enough to care). The giant tv and coffee table are not staying, they are just in here during the family room remodel. In it's place, we got three two shelf bookcases from Target in expresso finish to match. I'll add matching baskets to the bookcases for toys. All furniture is from JCPenneys and we love the bunk bed set. It's all solid wood and VERY sturdy. The dresser even came assembled already in the box. And for less than $700....what a steal! The only thing we might add is some vintage baseball pennants to hang just below the ceiling on the bunk bed wall.

Our 3rd bedroom (a.k.a. The Office)

The color kinda came on by accident. It was supposed to be a very light green, but it's a little brighter than we had expected, but it's growing on us. To tone down the color, I decided to go with a botanical theme in here in case we ever decide to move the office downstairs and make this a guest room, we'll just need to add a nice bed. Other parts of the house have taken priority, so not much has been done. I did get myself a sewing desk for the blank wall in the photo on the left. I plan on replacing both chairs with seagrass chairs. I'll get ladder shelf for all our stuff and organize it in natural seagrass like baskets. I'm also planning on making some prints for the walls with different botanical prints. It'll be awhile though...

Office Update 9/22/08:

Yes, still pretty pathetic, but it hasn't been a top priority. I did cover a few cork boards with fabric and put those above Todd's desk. And I got a new desk for my craft side of the office for only $80 at Kohls. Plus, the lamp was a steal at Ikea for only $9.99! And don't forget the new windows in the picture.....that was moola expensive!

Still to do is a ladder bookshelf to the right of the window. Then I'm going to put up a few floating shelves in brown above the desk with the words "crate" or "imagine" or "inspire" above it (wooden letters, vinyl, stencil....not sure?). I also have two fun sconces to put up in there somewhere so Todd foesn't complain that I just buy things for the thrill of it (even though it may be the truth!) Then the rest will just be some more artwork and of course getting the craft stuff organized and my sewing machine up and running.

Master Bedroom

Nothing master about it really. This is the picture with the sellers stuff, which actually looks better than our stuff right now. We just have matresses sitting on the floor and two unmatching dressers right now. The picture was taken from a small hallway leading to the master bath (about 6' x 6' - how's the for master?) and his and her double closets. It's so small and dark, you can't even take pictures of it! This room will be our last remodel. I'm hoping to knock out the wall to the left and expand out into the backyard with French doors leading to a deck and hot tub. This will give enough room to have a walk in closet and an actual "master" bath with seperate shower and jacuzzi and a double sink.

Master Bedroom Update 9/22/08:

And just as promised, our pathetic excuse for a Master Bedroom...

Yes, I am well aware of how ugly and disgusting our bedroom is, but the only reason I'm showing you is because some people can't picture "potential." Yes, the room is gross and cluttered with mis matched furniture. Plus, what a hideous idea to make this small closet space leading to the smallest master bath in the world. Come this winter (for the bedroom) and next winter (for the master bath blow out), you'll see the same vision we've had all along. The only thing I know so far is I want black furniture.....that's it. But stayed tunned for a real makeover!

Guest Bath

This is the guest bathroom before we moved in, but for the most part it looks the same. Major overhaul on this bathroom will begin in winter '09.

Bathroom Mood Board


This is a picture of the basement with the sellers stuff. Currently, it's also overflowing with kid stuff galore!