Our First House

We bought our first house at 19 (DH) and 20, while I was a junior in college. We didn't have a ton of money, but we saved to pay cash for remodeling projects we learned to do ourself and every piece of furniture was either a hand-me-down, a garage sale find, or a wedding gift.


This was the before photo - Spring '04

This was the after - late Summer '04

We painted the aluminum siding "mocha" by Bob Villa (discontinued). We just washed it down and painted it all by hand. The shutters were just cheap ones purchased that color and we picked a color that matched for the front door. We got a new roof for only $1200 since we offered cash. All landscaping was from Lowes and cost less than $200!

Family Room

The family room after. We didn't take before pictures because the house was just plain jane and didn't see the point. Now looking back it was kinda dumb. Just imagine original white walls from 1946 yellowed from time and smoke!

Color is Behr Brown Bread, Trim is Antique White

Dining Room


This is after our $2,000 kitchen remodel. $1,500 was a new fridge and range. Then we just repainted the cabinets, added new hardware, painted the walls, and finished with peel and stick vinyl tiles from Lowes.

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Our ONLY Bathroom


The basement we finshed for under $3,000. The walls are just bead board paneling and we spray painted the ceiling black and added track lighting. Then we just had the carpet laid.