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"And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers, and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers. If it were not so, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at his coming."             -Moroni quoting Malachi

HAMPTON-KOOYMAN Biographical Collection


Margaret Abbott - by Dennis Meldrum

John Alden - Edited by Dennis Meldrum

Margaret Davis - by Dennis Meldrum

Isaac Grace - Treasures of Pioneer History Vol 1

Margaret Grace - by Fanny Merrill Hampton

Ruth Kennan -  by Grandson John Stoker Davis

Hosea Merrill - by Nora Lund, Daughters of Utah Pioneers Historian, July 1969

Priscilla Mullins - compiled by Dennis Meldrum

Alzina Scogings - by Fanny Merrill Hampton, daughter

Steele Family - by Daniel Steele Durrie

Gov. John Webster - edited by Dennis Meldrum




BATTY-SMITH, Annie Maria Fiddler - by Frederick William Smith

BATTY-SMITH, Mary Ann: A Grande Lady  - by Nellie Rex Smith Fisher

BLEAZARD, John Hopwood - website dedicated to him

BUBB, Martha and Esther - another history by  Sarah Francis Virgin Shirley 

CALDER, Peter - A life story  - b Terry C. Smith  

CALDER, Robert -obituary

CALDER, Rosella - obituary

CALDER, Rosella - an autobiography

CALDER-SMITH-HYMAS, Rosella - funeral tribute by Fern Pope

CALDER, Thomas and Eva - by  Dolores Loveland Smith

HILL-LOVELAND, Juanita -"My Little Home in Bear Lake", an autobiography

HILL, Isaac  - diary, transcription

HILL, Isaac - Life Sketch  - by Terry C. Smith

LORIMER -SMITH, Jane -  by her granddaughter, Oral Sutton Mower

LOVELAND, Chauncey - will dated 31 Jan 1874

LOVELAND, Colonel Chester - from DUP, December 1958

LOVELAND, William Milford -  obituary by  D. Brent Jensen

LOVELAND-SMITH, Dolores - an autobiography

McCANN, Thomas Ravenhill - by Mary Ann McCann Merrill

McDOWELL-SMITH, Agnes - by Ruth Smith Jackson

POPE, Robert and Sarah LaDuc  - by Maxine Yeats

SEARCY, Sarah and MILLER, Martha Ann -  by Jennifer DeAnn Johnson Banks

SHIRLEY-LOVELAND, Maria Sarah - by her grand-daughter, Dolores Loveland Smith

SIMMONS-CALDER, Flora Ann - by her granddaghter, Essie Calder Gardiner

SMITH, Dean Calder - Our Life in the Fast Lane - an autobiography

SMITH, Dean Calder -The Hairbrush - A short story from the life of Dean C. Smith  

SMITH, Thomas - Life and Times of Thomas Smith  -by his grandson,  K. Darrell Smith


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"By virtue of the sacred priesthood in me vested....I promise you that with increased attendance in the temples of our God, you shall receive increased personal revelation to bless your life as you bless those who have died."          - President Ezra Taft Benson - CR April 1987, p. 108. 



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Joel Chauncy Loveland and Amanda Simmons Family, from a tin type probably taken at Fish Haven, Idaho circa 1879. Chidren are (left to right) Hyrum Melvin, Chauncey Joel (aka Joel Chauncey), Rhoda Elvira, Chester (infant), Harland Edward, and George.



A family photo in Mark's backyard - August 2004.


 A recent photo (2007) of CAIRNPARK, in Durisdeer, Dumfries, Scotland --thought to be the birthplace of Jane Lorimer Smith (photo courtesy of Tom Shaw).


The Loring and Martha Hampton family on the 80th birthday of Loring (taken at the Lion House).




Mayflower Descendancy 

A chart showing descendancy from Mayflower Pilgrims



CAPLIN, Harvey  ( June 22, 1929 - March 29, 2007)

POWELL, Authnell John ( January 2, 1910 - January 29, 2007)

SMITH-WALTER, Gwendolyn ( July 6, 1966 - September 15, 2007) 




Cemetery Inscriptions in the Fish Haven, Idaho cemetery   

Garden City Utah Cemetery Inscriptions