Project VALOR II

Project VALOR II

VALOR II is now closed to new enrollment.

This research project aimed to test an intervention we recently developed for treating co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol use disorders (AUD) in Veterans who served combat deployments as part of OEF/OIF. The intervention, referred to as “Significant other enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy” (SO-CBT) entails a series of therapy sessions focused on acquiring skills to manage PTSD symptoms and reduce hazardous drinking.

The treatment requires that participants nominate one adult “significant other” (a family member, relationship partner, or friend) who is willing to attend sessions with the Veteran and assist in their treatment. SO-CBT will be tested against an alternative cognitive-behavioral treatment that focuses on acquiring skills to reduce hazardous alcohol use.

The goal of this study is to find the best way to help Veterans, who are returning from hazardous deployments, deal with symptoms of PTSD and alcohol abuse.

We are currently preparing the data and writing manuscripts related to this project.