Minnesota Winter Rally

Drive the back roads of Northeastern Minnesota. Starts in Duluth, MN, ends early evening in Duluth.

Sign-in at the Duluth Perkins at 10 AM. 2502 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55812

This rally will use the MiRallyGPS control system. The MiRallysystem is very similar to the timing used on the Historic Monte Carlo rally. 7 timed sections, about 25-30 PCs total.

Each car will need to have an iOS or Android device running the Crono app. This app monitors your location using GPS and reports it to a central Timing and Scoring facility in the cloud. The timing points will be essentially Passage Controls. A timed section, roughly 1 to 12 miles may provide timing points every quarter mile.

Contestants need to download and sign up for the MiRally Crono app at the appropriate place for your smart phone. This is MANDATORY if you wish to be scored. We have added a TOURING category for those who do not wish to be scored, but are just following the rally course.

The Rabbit Rally app is optional. Get it from Google Play or Apple App store. You will be given an RBK file that greatly simplifies the running of the rally. It should be run on a different device than Crono.

The Rally Rabbit app makes it easier for people to score well on the event as it helps you stay on time. If you are proficient at timekeeping your current method should continue to serve you well.