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Frame Design

-The support structure to which all other components are mounted-
Design Decisions:
Recumbent Bicycle: Bicycle riden in reclining position
Three Wheels: two in front, one in back
Material: Chromoly Steel
Welding will be used to create the frame
Design must include:
Frame safety factor of 4 when loaded with heaviest rider
Designed to fit 2 front wheels and 1 back wheel
Mounting points for drivetrain, steering system, fairing, seat, and seatbelts
At least 4" ground clearance to clear the speed bump obstacle
Less than 8' long to be easily transportable
Sustain a load of 600 lb which will be applied to the top of the roll bar at an angle of 12° from the vertical
Sustain a load of 300 lb which will be applied horizontally to the side of the roll bar at shoulder height
First Sketches with paper mannequin for proper scaling
Solid Works model of Frame design