Using engineering principles and practical tools learned throughout the undergraduate experience this team will design and fabricate a single person, efficient electric vehicle to compete in Electrathon America. The vehicle, which will be either three or four wheeled, will be powered by a deep cycle, lead-acid battery system and designed to meet all other specifications and requirements provided by Electrathon America. This non-profit organization sponsors and promotes electric vehicle sport competitions with the goal of promoting efficient design and technology. Competition winners are determined by mileage traveled within one hour. National Events like Electrathon America help raise interest and awareness in alternative-fuel/high-efficiency vehicles that will become more prevalent in the auto market in the upcoming years.

To successfully design and build an electric car that will compete nationally with other universities, the team will integrate their areas of engineering skill to include knowledge of solid mechanics, aerodynamics, and electrical systems, as well as computer programming and hardware. Due to anticipated budget and time restrictions, cost saving strategies and project management skills will be integrated to effectively manage vehicle development. This project will increase awareness and understanding of alternative energy vehicles and to promote The College of New Jersey as a high caliber, nationally recognized institution. Applications of this project include serving to establish the college’s School of Engineering as a leader in alternative-fuel vehicle design, providing a strong foundation for follow-on senior project designs, as well as promoting TCNJ as a viable home for future Electrathon America vehicle competitions.