Workshops based on Theme Centered Interaction in India

The Workshops listed in the Calender below are conducted by the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI India.

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TCI – Theme Centered Interaction  according to Ruth Cohn

Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) is a Concept for presonal Development and Working with groups. The System is based on a active, creative and discovering process of Learning – "Living Learning" – and Working. 

TCI was developed from Experiences and Insights of the Psychoanalysis and was influenced by the group therapies and the eperimentalisme. Ruth Cohn initiated it and was developed further within the Workshop Institutes for Living Learning (WILL) by her and her colleagues in the USA and later in Europe.

TCI enhances

  • to be aware of oneself and others, in private and work fields as well
  • to strenghten autonomy and personal responsibility in contact with others
  • to shape learning processes ively and in relation to the persons concerned
  • to connect the work conditions with the respect for humans and for interpersonal relations (in Profit and Nonprofit field as well)
  • to conduct meetings, conferences and congresses with a lively communication and to use rivalry to achieve co-operation
TCI uses structures in the process of the group to achieve a dynamic balance between the various needs of the individuals, the interaction in the group and her task (I - We - It - Balance) and to respect the environment ("the Globe") in a closest and widest sense.

TCI is based on fundamentals - without those, the system would break down into incoherent  techniques: The human autonomy increases with his active awareness of his social and universal interdepence. Decision concerning values are key factors, they have to respect Life and its evolvement. The free will occurs within internal and outer boundaries - a expansion of these bounderies is possible. TCI is a systematic approach to realise such expansion through the psycho-dynamic and group-pedagogical processes.

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