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The North

Families Educating Freely (FEF)

Our support group meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in the areas of San Sebastian and Moca.

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Cielymar Gonzalez Morales - ci

Freestyle Homeschooling Support Group (FHSG)

A support group for northern Puerto Rico (Camuy, Hatillo, Arecibo, Barceloneta, Manatí, etc.)

We want to promote an environment of partnership, to have stress free meetings, and most important of all, to provide our children with a healthy social environment.
This group is open to everyone. We do not affiliate ourselves with particular religious or political views. Membership is free.

Meetings will be on the 2nd Friday of each month.

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NACH - North Area Christian Homeschoolers

North Area Christian Homeschoolers, known by its acronym, NACH, is a support group for homeschooling parents, serving northern Puerto Rico. We are Christian families from various denominations.

Our desire is to explore all possibilities that offer our children an excellent education, to serve as support to every family who visits us with concerns about home education and to coordinate field trips, workshops, crafts and other activities that enrich the education and socialization of our children. We are members of a 4H Club—our name is NAE 4H. The activities we have as a 4H Club serve to develop life skills in our children, with a focus on the conservation and protection of our environment.

official meetings are held twice a month, but they are not limit to that; we work according to our group interests and requests.  The meetings vary between the cities of Arecibo and Hatillo depending on the activity.

Gladys Villanueva:

Letiany's Homeschooling Group

Letiany's Homeschooling Group is a support group in Vega Alta and meets with the purpose of strengthening the socialization of our children with workshops, educational lectures and more. We meet on Fridays.

For more information:

Tania Y. Cardona Morales (787) 634-4317 
Facebook: Letianys Homeschooling Group


We are the group YALADH, and we work under the theme of "Born to Learn."  We meet in Arecibo, Aguadilla, and San Sebastión, although we have members from towns as far away as San German.  Our meetings are the second Friday of every month, rotating between the three aforementioned towns.
We are made up of children from preschool to eleventh grade, we have a monthly field trip to different educational places on the island, and also during our monthly meeting we have workshops with the participation of all the children and parents and occasionally, invited guests.  We have a Reading Club for children of all ages and also our monthly edition of the school paper, "Home's Cool News."  Language of the group is predominantly Spanish.

Xiomara Moreno: 787 603-7047,

Head, Heart and Hands Homeschool Community

Support group for the North area of Puerto Rico who meets between the towns of Arecibo, Barceloneta, Manati and Vega Baja.  Inspired by Waldorf education and alternative education that is in contact with nature. We hold meetings, sharing activities, lectures, festivals and more.

For details, contact: 787-438-7350 / 787-240-0493