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The East

Alpha & Omega Homeschoolers Support Group

We are an open and free membership group that share the faith in Jesus but our focus is not based on any particular religion. We use diverse curricula adapted to the child’s needs.

You should call to let you know the meeting place.  Each parent is responsible for bringing snacks for their children. 

For more information: 
Nitzie J. Sánchez 
787- 672-9718
Facebook: Alpha & Omega Homeschoolers

Aventura Educativa Homeschooling

Group’s Mission - To create and provide an educational, social and family environment.

Goal - Being a nonsectarian and RESPECTFUL group, we accept all educational philosophies, lifestyles and religious beliefs to provide greater opportunities for socialization and learning of children through activities that expand their minds and creativity.

We meet all Thursdays of every month, we have field trips, educational activities, among others. Our parents’ meetings are the last Wednesday of each month in Las Croabas, Fajardo.

At the moment there is no membership fee. If you are looking for a support group, take the opportunity to meet this group  so it can be a great blessing for your family and children.

For more information: