Suggested Guidelines and Agency Policies

Since its inception, T'CHERs has strived to realize changes within government and private agencies
in terms of their lack of policies concerning homeschoolers.   


Some of the agencies we've worked with and continue working with are:

Department of Education                  Universities (UPR, IAU, etc.)
Department of the Family                 Social Security Administration
Health Department                           Health Insurance Agencies

Through countless phone calls, letters, meetings, and administrative hearings, we have encouraged and challenged them to amend existing policies or create new ones that would take into account our community, and which would where possible*, recognize the sole authority of the parents in regard to their children's homeschooling.   Although we have succeeded in certain areas, there is still need for more policy development and for the orientation of agency employees as to what their department policies are.

Our links below contain agency policies and where lacking, suggested guidelines.  Should you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us.

*We say, "where possible," because when one is receiving government benefits, a certain accountability comes with the territory.  For instance, we have achieved parental certification of schooling when applying for PAN benefits with the Dept. of Family, however, the agency has reserved the right to ask for additional evidence of homeschooling should they deem it necessary.