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    -Must have regular internet access as translation work is done via email.
    -Maintain a list of committee members (translators)
    -Periodically promote the translation committee in the newsletter or in emails to our members,
     especially to those who have indicated on their membership form that their language of
     preference is "either."
    -Receive items needing translation  (Only the committee
     President and Board will have the login information for this mailbox.)
    -Send out items to be translated or proofread to committee members, asking for
     acknowledgement of receipt and putting in the subject line what needs to be done, a brief
     description, and due date.  ( i.e. TRANSLATE - UNIT STUDY PIECE - DUE 8/22)
    -Make sure that translated items are proofread, with the final copy then being sent to the
      appropriate person.
    -While the president may also be needed to do translations, it is important to remember that the
     committee members have a desire to contribute to the organization and also to help prevent
     burnout on the part of the President.
    -Write an annual committee report for the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Members:
     -Must have regular internet access as translation work is done via email
    -Indicate to the President your translation preference - Spanish to English, English to Spanish, or
    -Upon receipt of an item from the President, immediately respond, indicating your acceptance of
     getting the job done by the due date by adding "RECEIVED" in the subject line.
     (i.e. RECEIVED - TRANSLATE - UNIT STUDY PIECE - DUE 8/22)  If, for whatever reason you
     cannot accept the job, immediately respond as such with a note, so that the President can email it
      to another member.
    -Send completed item to the President at:
    -Please understand that your work may undergo final editing by the President, Newsletter Editor,
     or Board.


All Committees
     -A Board liaison will be appointed to each committee serving the purpose of  mediator between
      the Board and committee in all affairs, who may or may not be on the committee.
    -No committee is an executive committee.  Final decisions are made by the Board, unless
     otherwise specified in writing (i.e. email) by the Board.  Even if a Board member sits on or chairs
      a committee,  final decisions must still meet with Board approval.
    -Will use the appropriate message board in order to maintain a record of committee activity.