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The Newsletter:
    -is a bilingual vehicle of, by, and for T'CHERs first, and  homeschooling in general second
    -the newsletter can contain, but is not limited to: message from the Board, T'CHERs news,
     member family biography, support group news, articles of interest, sections for children/teens 

President (Editor):
    -will send to the Board for approval, via the Committee liaison, a list of items to be included in the
     current newsletter.  Should it not be obvious the nature of an item, a few sentences of
     description should be included.
    -send items needing translating and deadline date to the  Translation Committee President
    -move items ready for formatting into that folder in the newsletter mailbox
    -ensure that deadlines are being met
    -promote submissions via announcements in the newsletter, contacts with support groups, etc.
    -write and annual committee report for the Annual General Meeting

    -will be responsible for formatting the newsletter into a form suitable for publication
    -will send a copy of the newsletter to the liaison for final checks, corrections, and Board approval
     by the first day of the week that contains the 15th.  (The Board will then mail it to the

Submissions by the Board:
    -should be sent to:  (The editor, formatter, and Board only shall
     have the username and password for this account.)
    -are not subject to editing beyond grammatical and typo  corrections
    -are subject to the dealines below
Submissions by those not on the Board:
    -should be sent to:
    -are subject to acceptance
    -may be edited by the editor
    -are accepted in either Spanish or English 
    -if the author can translate their submission, they should indicate  as such upon their submission.
     Once their submission is accepted and edited, it will be returned to them for translation.
    -submissions by support groups should be in both languages
    -are subject to the dealines below

Word Counts:
     -Support group submissions and membership testimonies should be around 400 words.    
Deadline dates:
    -publication shall be during the week that includes the 15th of publication months
    -all submissions needing translation are due the 10th of the month that precedes the publication
    -fully translated Board submissions and support group submissions are due the 1st of the
     publication month

Committee communications:
    -communications should take place via the message forum in order to maintain a record of
     committee activity.  
    -folders in the mailbox should be utilized accordingly (Needs English, Needs Spanish, Ready for
     Formatting, etc.)


All Committees
     -A Board liaison will be appointed to each committee serving the purpose of  mediator between
      the Board and committee in all affairs, who may or may not be on the committee.
    -No committee is an executive committee.  Final decisions are made by the Board, unless
     otherwise specified in writing (i.e. email) by the Board.  Even if a Board member sits on or chairs
      a committee,  final decisions must still meet with Board approval.
    -Will use the appropriate message board in order to maintain a record of committee activity.