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        -Oversee programs
        -Deposit Monies when received
        -Maintain a committee financial ledger
        -Send financial information to T'CHERs' treasurer as  you have it
        -Write annual committee report
        -Submit committee/program news to newsletter
        -Get Board approval for all items to be sent to Promotion Committee

    Committee Members:
        -Generate fundraising program ideas
        -Coordinate Board approved programs
        -Help with programs
        -Submit committe/program news to chairperson


    General Mills BoxTops Program

        -Program Coordinator:
            -Send BoxTops received to General Mills        
            -Keep record of number of BoxTops received from whom, as well as date and number of BoxTops sent to General Mills
            -Check that money received reflects the # of BoxTops sent in
            -Send money received to committee chairperson
            -Sumbit program news to chairperson
            -Create and promote Board approved contests

        -Program committee member
            -Generate enthusiasm in support groups and community for program
            -Collect BoxTops and send to program coordinator


    All Committees
         -A Board liaison will be appointed to each committee serving the purpose of  mediator between
          the Board and committee in all affairs, who may or may not be on the committee.
        -No committee is an executive committee.  Final decisions are made by the Board, unless
         otherwise specified in writing (i.e. email) by the Board.  Even if a Board member sits on or chairs
          a committee,  final decisions must still meet with Board approval.
        -Will use the appropriate message board in order to maintain a record of committee activity.