Legal Representation

Attorney Maria Luisa Inserni

Atty. Inserni is a bilingual, bicoastal, homeschooling mom, co-founder of T'CHERs, and the current president of T'CHERs's Legal Committee. Since 1997 she has worked to get government agencies to make provisions for homeschoolers and she is still true to that mission.  She has helped many homeschoolers who have faced discrimination or threats when applying for government aid or withdrawing their children from school.

It is our hope and goal that the day will come when homeschoolers in Puerto Rico will have no need of legal representation and that all government agencies will accept parent self-certification of homeschooling, but until that day, Atty. Inserni is available to guide homeschoolers in their legal questions and problems. (She will also provide certification of homeschooling — only if necessary — for $25.00.)  

Organizations offering a type of homeschooling insurance:

National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD)
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) (What you should know about HSLDA in terms of homeschooling in PR)

Links related to the controversial issue of homeschooling insurance (such as is provided by the two above mentioned organizations):

Homeschooling is Legal
Homeschool Legal Defense Assn. and Foundation Consumer Information

If Contacted by a Government Official  

While homeschooling is legal, it is often misunderstood. If contacted by any government officials we suggest the following guidelines:  

* Remain courteous and ask for reason of call/visit. 

* Although you have nothing to hide, do NOT invite the official in.  This is not rude, it is prudent.  

* Do NOT offer any information beyond the fact that yes, you are homeschoolng your children.  

* Ask for the official's name and phone number and advise that you or your lawyer/representative will contact him/her
   and will be happy to answer his/her questions at his/her office or at an agreed upon place, other than within the privacy
   of your home.

An accusation solely of educational neglect does not constitute an emergency and you have the right to maintain the privacy of your home and may follow our guidelines above.   However, if there is an investigation due to a child abuse emergency report, the public official responding to the report does have the obligation to investigate and you may want to call a legal representative. 
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