Free Homeschool Orientation: Please note the orientations listed below will be given in Spanish.

Check our Facebook: TCHERS HOMESCHOOLING PUERTO RICO page for details in the Events section. 

Orientations given in Spanish only.

In the meantime, you can request a free orientation by email:
 The Caribbean Center of Home Education Resources
Information and Resources for
Home Schooling Families in Puerto Rico

Our home is yours—please come in and make yourself comfortable
at this portal into the world of homeschooling in Puerto Rico.

A hallmark of the T'CHERs community is its diversity, and within that diversity,
acceptance and respect as we go forward, encouraging one another
on our particular homeschooling paths.

Because of this, we know that you, too, will find the information and support
that you need to get started and to grow as homeschoolers.
This site was created for you, so please explore it freely:
• dig into the information provided
• participate on the message forums
• stay up to date on and attend T'CHERs activities
• choose one of the many ways to become more involved
with the T'CHERs organization
• give us your feedback about the site—suggestions, kudos,
additional information, etc.
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