Tip of the Week #2:

You can save your files as a PDF so that other's can view your work without changing your document. This can be done with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

1. Choose Save As from the File tab or Office Button menu
2. Choose your file's folder location and give your file a descriptive name as usual
3. In the Save As Type drop down box, choose PDF (*.pdf)
4. Press the Save button

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Tip of the Week #1:
In Excel, you can type in a function to show whatever today's current date is.  
It will also update automatically to a new date when you open the file on a new day.  
Just type in the equals sign, the text TODAY, an open parenthesis and closed parenthesis with nothing in between.


This is one of the many tips you learn in the Excel Functions and Formulas class!
or register for our public class with the East Troy Park & Rec on Friday, September 30th from 8am to 10am.