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Jacoby 2NT

A method of increasing slam-bidding accuracy, developed by Oswald Jacoby and used in conjunction with limit major-suit raises. After a 1♥ or 1♠ opening, a jump response to 2NT by an unpassed hand is a forcing raise of opener’s suit. Responder promises at least four trumps and suggests balanced distribution, but his strength is in theory unlimited. Opener rebids conventionally to clarify his strength and pattern: 
  • New suit at the three level = singleton or void in the suit. 
  • New suit at the four level = a good five-card suit (best to restrict this to two of the top three honors in the side-suit). 
  • Game in agreed trump suit = minimum hand, no slam interest. 
  • Three of agreed trump suit = slam interest. 
  • 3NT = extra values, balanced. 
Although many pairs use this schedule of rebids, there are many variations, especially in the meaning of the 3NT rebid.

For further details and suggested follow-up bids, please see page 293 of the Encyclopedia of Bridge.

SOURCE: "Conventions", The Official ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge, 7th ed. Horn Lake: American Contract Bridge League, Inc., 2011, page 293. Print