The purpose of this wiki-BHC Learning Site is to collect information on local Learning and Evaluation (L&E) efforts at Building Healthy Communities (BHC) sites.  This information will allow BHC sites to better understand each other’s work and to identify where to go for self-directed peer learning and exchange.

This wiki-BHC Learning site responds to input heard from local learning staff, Hub Managers, and Programs Managers that additional information is needed on evaluation strategies being used across sites to better connect and to facilitate peer learning.  The wiki site collects, stores, and shares information that can be accessed by local BHC staff for learning purposes.  The hope is that local L&E teams will be able to seek out peers at other sites to exchange information on evaluation design, evaluation challenges and lessons.  By facilitating this type of exchange, it is hoped that sites build evaluation capacity through peer sharing and that the wiki-site provides added value to local L&E teams and to respective BHC sites.

Local Learning and Evaluation Overviewform