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High Tech, High Touch: Customer Service Done Right!

Welcome to the webinar! We'll be using this resource as a starting point for all the work we will be doing over the next two hours.

Session Description: "Are you about Technology or Careology?" In truth, we can't have one without the other. To bridge the gap between the two, we need to communicate and connect in ways that may seem old-fashioned, but in truth, are simply human. Participants will develop a communicate and connect strategy that blends face to face with virtual support options, emphasizing that we are in the people business rather than simply technology. 

Meeting Duration: 9:30am - 11:30am
  1. Introductions (9:30-9:45 AM)
    1. Setting Up the Day
    2. Plan for the Day
  2. Explore Problem Scenarios (9:45-10:25 AM) 
    • Please choose which problem scenario you will work on and organize yourself with other people in the room so you can work together:
  3. Report Back: Early Group Reports (10:00-10:25 AM)
    1. Unit Task Team Update
    2. Team Feedback: What do you think should be done about this project?
  4. Tri-Agency Task Force Update (Miguel Guhlin)
    1. Identifying Core Competencies
  5. Group Work: Final (10:35-11:15 PM)
    1. With Customer Service points in mind, develop a solution and a communications' strategy that will prevent similar problems from happening again.
    2. Add Your solution to this Problem Resolution document along with the names of your team.
  6. Making the Commitment to High Tech, High Touch
    1. View Solutions