We had a Great time at the Flashmob!  If you have pictures or video, would you please email me at akbusybee@gmail.com
Thanks for joining in!  Thanks Improv Everywhere for the Awesome Idea!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Where we will do our flash mob has changed a little. We want to get not only TCEA attendees talking, but also the natives of Austin. 6th street is not as busy during the day, so we will head across the way from the convention center to the PF Chang area!
Have questions? Tweet me @akbusybee see you soon!
Come join all of the tweeps, plurkers, and other creative ed tech people for a super creative flashmob!  Want to know more?  
Meet next to the Web 2.0 Social Media Lounge (ballroom A) at 11:45am on Wednesday February 8, 2012. 
After a brief meeting explaining how the "Freeze Mob" will work we will head to 6th Street to carry out our flashmob
and then you can go about your business and grab lunch and enjoy more sessions! 
NO DANCING REQUIRED! We are just going to "freeze" time for a moment! 
Thanks Improv Everywhere for the idea!

YouTube Video

We of course need participants, but we also need a film crew too (and someone to post pictures and video)
Come see how you can be involved!
Be watching  hashtag #TCEA2012flashmob 

It is going to be fun and we need YOU!  What better way to meet even more Groovy people than to participate in a Flashmob!

Step 1: Sign Up

TCEA Flashmob

Step 2: RECRUIT!
Promote this like crazy! Send this site via twitter, facebook, text message, email or carrier pigeon to everyone you know going to TCEA 2012. Get your friends to sign up. Make them! It takes a village to make a flash mob!

Step 3: Come Join the Flashmob

  Location: Meet at Web 2.0 Media Lounge (ballroom A)

  Date: Wednesday February 8, 2012

  Time: 11:45am to then walk to 6th street at 12:00

Check this site & the hashtag #TCEA2012flashmob on the day of the Flash Mob, just in case we have any final directions or details to get out.

Feel free to contact Andrea.